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Fenty Skin Rih-view

FENTY Skin debuted at the end of July and it sent the internet into a frenzy. If you are not aware of the Fenty agenda, Rihanna has begun to dominate the beauty, luxury, and lingerie industries. With the popularity of FENTY Beauty, it only seemed natural to segue that into skincare. When the ingredients list was first released, everyone had comments. The main reason was because the products contain fragrance. Fragrance is a huge red flag among the skincare snobs. It has been known to cause breakouts and irritation to certain skin types. Actually, the very first skincare tip I ever received was from my sister regarding fragrance. I put some Victoria’s Secret lotion on my face and my sister advised “Never put anything with a scent on your face because you will break out.” I was maybe 6 or 7, so breakouts were the furthest thing from my mind but since that day, even now, I smell anything meant for my face before I purchase it.

Influencers, without even using the products were suggesting that customers skip them completely. Considering that people are not going anywhere right now anyway, skincare has been trending upward. I personally love skincare because it feels so luxurious, even when I am using the cheap stuff. While I do not consider myself a skincare expert, I also do not mind spending a little coin on a quality product and I know a little more than the average person. Before we get into the review, let me tell you a little about my skin and skincare. I have dry skin and it is not sensitive by any means. I am not acne prone, but I have noticed some small pimples around my jawline since having to wear masks. Finally, there is no discoloration on my skin, but there is a little bit of texture around my cheeks. My current day time routine consists of Dermologica Special Cleansing Gel or Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, Olay Regenerist moisturizer, and Sun Bum Face 50 SPF. I have been mixing the Fenty products in with my usual routine as to not shock my skin by using all new things at the same time. Here are my thoughts on the collection. My final thoughts are the takeaway after almost a month of use.


First Impression: There is a fruity scent to the cleanser but it is not overpowering. Since it’s getting washed off anyway, I did not find it to be an issue. The cleanser is thick! A little definitely goes a long way. It is supposed to lather. Using too much product will hinder that effect. It felt nice on my face, like it was doing a little spa treatment. It is supposed to be able to take makeup off as well. Since I have not been anywhere worthy of applying makeup, I was not able to put that claim to the test. I did appreciate that my face did not feel tight after cleansing like some products do.  

Final Thoughts: I like the cleanser. It served its purpose for me, but I probably would not buy it again. I really love the cleansers I use now. In order for me to part with them, the product would have to really take my breath away. When removing make up, I typically double cleanse, which means I am washing my face twice. I do not see myself skipping that step but it is possible to just use the Fenty cleanser twice. 


First Impression: I have never used a toner consistently. I have always wanted to add a toner and serum to my routine, but that is honestly too overwhelming of a task to pick from all of the options. Fat Water is a toner and serum mixed into one so it is perfect for me. This is also scented. It smells exactly like the makeup remover from Maybelline. The scent again is not overpowering, but it is definitely there. The product is also a thicker consistency than a typical toner because it is meant to be used without a cotton pad. I think that is a fantastic idea. If you can eliminate cotton pads and makeup wipes from your routine, do it. The environment will thank you. It feels really soothing on my skin. I think the product is geared towards oily skin types but I thought it was perfect to add into my night routine. 

Final Thoughts: I LOVE the Fat Water serum. Absolutely recommend it and I will purchase it again once my current bottle runs out. I have been using it every day with my night time routine. I simply cannot say enough good things about this product. 


First Impressions: Now this is the one I had the most excitement for. Influencers pushed the fact that the moisturizer comes in two pieces. The main holder, and a replaceable cartridge that is recyclable. I did not understand that hype. Yes, you are reusing the packaging in a sense. However, if I have to purchase this online anyway and that removable cartridge will come in its own packaging, what are we really doing here? Just a small point to make that I would be willing to overlook if the product was great. It was not. For starters, the moisturizer has the most noticeable fragrance out of the whole collection. I get it, SPF stinks. I hate my current SPF because there is nothing in it to mask the smell. Unfortunately, the Hydra Vizor moisturizer is very overpowering. It also is not thick enough to be worn alone. With my dry skin, this did nothing to moisturize it. It is SPF 30, which is not bad, but the Sun Bum I currently use is SPF 50. As a result, I put my usual moisturizer on before I add the Fenty moisturizer, then add my SPF 50 to the top. So what is the point of the Hydra Vizor? Nothing, I just refuse to waste my money. 

Final Thoughts: I did not like the moisturizer at all. There were no redeeming qualities for me. To be fair, I don’t even like my current moisturizer and SPF combination. In fact, when my existing products are finished, I am switching my moisturizer to Cerave’s moisturizing cream and my SPF will be Black Girl Sunscreen. Daily SPF is necessary, even for Black people. It is essential to remove hyper-pigmentation. I like the idea behind the Hydra Vizor, the execution was just underwhelming.

Overall, my final thoughts are pretty positive. I think the Fenty Skin launch would be perfect for someone just getting into skincare. It is definitely a starter pack. This is great for people that do not want a bunch of steps, but need useful products for their skin. Pre-teens, teenagers, and men especially will see the most benefit from the 2 in 1 system. If you could only purchase one thing from Fenty, I would recommend the Fat Water. It is a perfect addition to a routine and even feels luxurious. While the cleanser is great, there are so many more effective cleansers at a lower price point available at the drugstore. The price point for Fenty Skin is not excessive. The customer is definitely getting their money’s worth in terms of volume. The packaging is a beautiful lavender color that makes it cohesive with Fenty Beauty’s millennial pink aesthetic. So if nothing else, they look beautiful displayed in a bathroom or atop a vanity. Finally, I did not experience any breakouts or irritation with these products. I am looking forward to what Fenty Skin releases next. One thing I love about Rihanna’s brands is that if they have bad reviews, they take the critique and apply it to the next launch. There is no doubt in my mind that it is only up from here.  


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