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Interested in Working in the Gaming Industry? PS4’s Dreams Just Might be Your Opportunity

Nearly seven years ago, Sony announced the development of a quirky new game dubbed Dreams from Media Molecule, an offbeat British studio responsible for the popular Little Big Planet series.  Fast forward to 2020 and Dreams is finally here.  If you are looking to break into the gaming industry, Dreams just might be your foot in the door.  In fact, some of the industry’s top game-makers are actively recruiting gamers who create their own artificial worlds in this trendy new PlayStation 4 game.

Make Your Dreams Come True With Dreams

It was not long ago when aspiring game-makers had to spend massive amounts of money studying electrical engineering or game design at colleges such as the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA.  My, how times have changed.  The gaming industry is now somewhat democratized, providing opportunities to the masses, regardless of their financial means and physical location.  As long as you can afford a PlayStation 4 console and Dreams, you have a chance to break into this competitive industry.  One gaming studio has already extended a formal job offer to a Dreams game creator.

Check out the Dreams online message boards, chat rooms, and uploads and you will catch wind of Resogun, Blade Gunner and several other surprisingly fun, user-made titles.  These amateur games might be a bit basic compared to the polished products churned out by the top studios yet they are good enough to elicit offers of employment.  As an example, consider the story of Dreams user Jimmyjules153, one of the top creators in the Dreams community.  Jimmy’s shooter game has skyrocketed up the DreamSurfing chart, providing invaluable exposure.  Jimmy’s Dreams creation has proven so successful that a European game developer offered him a salaried job in the industry.  Jimmy will likely accept the offer and soon begin working in an official capacity as a video game developer.

Dream Your Gaming Ideas Into Existence

At this point, readers are likely a bit confused as to what Dreams actually is in terms of gameplay.  Unlike other video games, Dreams is not centered on beating a boss, establishing a high score or any other linear mission.  Rather, this is a content creation tool.  It is best to think of Dreams as a DIY (do it yourself) game engine for creative individuals.  Even if you are not looking to break into the gaming industry, you will have a blast playing through other gamers’ creations in the Dreams online community.  The entire point of Dreams is to explore new worlds and have fun.  If you need some structure, you can sidestep the Dreams stages created by other players and dive directly into campaign mode in which different gaming challenges are cohesively tied to one another through an overarching storyline.

Dreams is Your Opportunity to Build a Portfolio and Make a Name for Yourself

If you are like most people who have dreamed of working in the gaming industry (pun intended), your parents likely steered you away from this prospective career, insisting you would be surrounded by unkempt screen-addicts in a city with an egregiously high cost of living.  Furthermore, the gaming industry is uber-competitive, making it quite difficult to snag a stable job with long-term career prospects.  However, thanks to the rise of DIY game-making software such as Dreams, it is now possible to put your creativity and developing merit on display from the comfort of your home.  Invest some of your gaming time in Dreams, building your own virtual worlds with the “imp”-centered interface tool, upload your creations to the online community and one of your faux worlds just might make climb the DreamSurfing chart, catch the eye of an industry power broker and spur a job offer that sets the foundation for a lucrative career in the gaming industry.

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Patrick R

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