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MLB Check in #1

We’re a few weeks into the season and everyone has played just about 15 games so far (except for the Mets who were the opponents to the Nationals during their covid crisis and have had some games postponed due to snow). Now is a good time to check up on some old as well as some new storylines so far this season. The MLB season is full of twists and turns in which we will be keeping track of all season for you. So let’s jump into it.

1. Boston Revival 

Remember after opening weekend the Red Sox were 0-3 after being historically swept by the Orioles? Well since that time Boston has won 12 of the next 15 games outscoring opponents 95-52 in that timespan. Oh, and they find themselves alone at the top of the AL East. If that wasn’t good enough for Boston fans, the Yankees are on the other end of the division. That’s right the New York Yankees are dead last in the AL East. It’s still way too early in the season for definite conclusions, but this has to be a dream start for the Boston faithful.

2. NL West Showdown

The first three games of what will be a season-long battle between the Dodgers and Padres certainly didn’t disappoint. The first game was an extra-innings affair that had more twists and turns than downtown DC street. The second game was your old fashion pitcher’s duel which in itself was wildly entertaining. Add to that a game-saving diving catch to end the game and you get the finish worthy of the playoffs. At this point does it matter who won those two games (Dodgers) or was the games themselves that entertaining? The Padres did salvage the series winning the last of the three, but the point remains, we’re in for a very fun ride this season. Oh and don’t look now but the San Francisco Giants are in the mix as well.

3. Unbeaten Checkup

After opening weekend only three teams remained undefeated (Phillies, Orioles, and Astros). Of the three the Phillies ended up being the last ones standing before finally falling to the Mets. Since then things have taken a turn for the worse. All three teams find themselves below .500 (having more losses than wins) as reality has started to set in. The season is long and these things tend to even themselves out, but it is a bit shocking that it has happened so fast. Baltimore might not realistically have a chance for the playoffs, but the other two do. The Phillies find themselves in the thick of the NL East race at the moment. Of the three teams, the Astros are perhaps the most surprising as they are dead last in the AL West. Speaking of the AL West…..

4. Seattle’s Surprise

Take one look at the AL West standings and you will find Seattle at its summit. The Mariners are off to a hot start and this was without Kyle Lewis being healthy. Having him back in the lineup and roaming the outfield will be a definite boost as he has star quality written all over him. Mitch Haniger is so far having a strong bounce-back season and Kyle Seager is still being great. Mariner fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of top prospect Jared Kelenic to further boost the outfield. With the Astros struggling early, the Mariners have taken it upon themselves to fill that void. If everything goes well they can finally put an end to the longest active playoff drought in the MLB (20 years!).

5. No-Hitter Fest!

The last time MLB went an entire season without anyone pitching a no-hitter was the 2005 season. A 15-year streak heading into this season has been extended for one more year. San Diego Pitcher Joe Musgrove got the party started with this year’s first no-hitter. He blanked the Texas Rangers giving the Padres their first-ever no-hitter in franchise history. What made it all the more special is that Musgrove grew up in San Diego and was a Padres fan growing up. Moments like that are what makes sports special. Not to be outshined, Carlos Rodon pitched a no-hitter against Cleveland just five days later. He hit a batter in the 9th inning to deny himself the perfect game (27 outs, no walks, no hits, hit by pitch or errors). Nonetheless, these events aren’t as rare as they seem but are still fun to watch happen.



Justin Walker

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