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Smartwatches – Why You Need One

If you don’t have a smartwatch, it is time to consider getting one. Even if you do not care what time it is, a smartwatch can help you in myriad other ways. Today’s smartwatches track everything from steps to sleep quality, general activity levels, heart rate, and nutrition. In fact, some smartwatches can even measure blood pressure to boot. This data will help you better understand your health, improve your fitness level, and ultimately help you enjoy a longer life. Let’s take a closer look at the actual benefits of smartwatches versus the hype.

Thanks to Smartwatches, You’ll Never Miss a Call

If you are like most people, you are incredibly busy. Between work, the kids, hobbies, and exercise, there is simply too much to do and not enough hours in the day. As a result, it is quite easy to miss a phone call. After all, most people cannot hear their phone or feel its vibration when out and about, working, driving the kids around town, etc. Alternatively, a smartwatch’s vibration is quite noticeable as the device is wrapped around your wrist. Invest in a high-quality smartwatch, and it will let you know when a call or text is incoming. In fact, smartwatch technology has advanced to the point that you can decide whether you would like to respond to the message or call by simply looking at the device on your wrist.

Smartwatches Really can Improve Your Health and Fitness

Most smartwatches include fitness tracking as a primary feature. When used properly, smartwatches make it that much easier for wearers to reach their health and fitness goals. Today’s smartwatches count everything from daily steps to calories burned, distance covered, pulse rate, heart rate, and time spent sleeping. Smartwatches also measure the time spent in deep sleep versus light sleep, providing helpful insight as to whether you are obtaining truly restful sleep.

Immediate Access to Notifications

Smartwatches now display notifications for immediate access. Your smartwatch will notify you of calls, texts, emails, personal calendar alerts, and even news alerts. Today’s smartwatches have advanced to the point that they can receive notifications from Facebook and other social media platforms. Use your smartwatch instead of your phone, and you will find out right away about such notifications. It does not get any more convenient than that.

Your Smartwatch Will Entertain You

Technological advances have made it possible to watch YouTube videos and listen to music on/from your smartwatch. Though the smartwatch screen is comparably small, it can play videos, music, and other content. This way, you can watch your favorite shows while away from home. Invest in one of the latest smartwatch models, and the device might even store music that can be played with the use of Bluetooth headphones in a wireless manner. This is the perfect setup for avid joggers, walkers, and hikers who want their favorite music piped directly into their ears while out and about.

Smartwatch Flaws: Your Phone Must be Nearby

Some smartwatches do not have a cellular capability, so they cannot connect to wireless internet networks unless within Bluetooth range of a smartphone to use the apps. The flaw with Bluetooth is the primary device has to be within 300 feet or so of the other device for functionality. In other words, if your phone is not nearby, there is a chance your smartwatch will not function to the fullest extent.

Smartwatch Batteries do not Last Long

In general, smartwatch batteries are somewhat disappointing. Most smartwatches can only be used for half a week or less before requiring a recharge. Some smartwatches only last two days on a full charge. If you use smartwatch features that chew up power, there is a chance the battery will not last beyond a single day. In other words, you will have to recharge your smartwatch at least a couple times per week to ensure it works as expected.

A Smartwatch Will not Replace Your Smartphone

If you are looking for a smartphone replacement, a smartwatch is not the answer. However, if you are willing to look at a small screen and fiddle around with comparably diminutive buttons, you will feel perfectly comfortable using your smartwatch. Though smartwatches will continue to improve in functionality and quality, they probably won’t ever replicate the many functions of smartphones.

The Verdict

The bottom line is smartwatches’ inherently small size limits battery life, screen size, and hardware power. However, even with its flaws, smartwatches are still worth the minor investment as they make life easier in a number of regards. Do a little bit of research, find a highly-rated smartwatch tailored to your desires, and you will agree this nifty little tech gadget is worth every penny.

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Patrick R

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