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Tabria Majors Shows and Proves That Plus Size Designers Are A Necessity

Photo courtesy of Fashion to Figure’s website

Tabria Majors is one of the most recognizable plus-size models in the industry right now. If you visit any plus size website she is all over the site. No really, go look. She was also featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue! I have been following her career for a long time. Her constant hustle has been inspiring to watch. She is my reference when I shop because she is tall and her shape is similar to mine. When she announced she was releasing a swimwear capsule collection with Fashion to Figure, my first feeling was “it’s about damn time” and my second was immense excitement. The collection is online exclusive on the Fashion to Figure website and is available now for purchase. 

I took a break from work to place my order, just in case they pulled a Kylie Cosmetics and only created a small amount of product just to say it sold out in five minutes. The very first suit in the collection is an iridescent black string bikini with, get this, a thong back! I have never seen a plus size swimwear collection that included anything close to a thong. Typically, even a “string” bikini has huge chunky straps and some sort of high waist tummy coverage. The other showstopper of the collection is the cage monokini. In fact, that is the piece she modeled in the initial announcement. The rest of the collection is equal parts sexy and fun. There is literally something for everyone. There was no mumu or tankini to be found, which is greatly appreciated. Checkout was a breeze. The shipping was so fast and the packaging was to die for. A semi-transparent reusable Ziploc style bag with Tabria’s name neatly centered on it. The fit is impeccable. Any woman that has ever tried on a cute cutout monokini only to feel like biscuit dough busting out of the can need not worry. For how risqué everything looks, there is also quite a bit of coverage.  Every aspect of this collection was perfectly executed.

Tabria Majors has proven that the answer to the slump that we are in, fashion-wise, is more plus-size designers. We need people that actually wear the clothes to design them. Even something as seemingly obvious as a thong bikini can be reworked into a plus-size staple. One thing I can’t help to be disappointed in is the fact that plus-size influencers only get collaborations for swimwear or lingerie. There are tons of influencer swimwear collaborations from GabiFresh to Ashley Graham. It is almost as if companies solely create these tiny capsule collections to create a quick buck. I would love to see Tabria segue into a ready-to-wear collaboration. Especially because Fashion to Figure’s other clothing seems to be a bit out of touch with who I expect to be their target market. Why not take a chance and invest in the new generation? I digress, Tabria, and Fashion to Figure absolutely knocked it out of the park with this collection.