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5 city council candidates

You’ve Met the Candidates – Now It’s Time to Choose!

The DC Voice believes that elections should be more than popularity or name recognition contests. It’s each voter’s responsibility to learn more about the person we ask to represent us. We reached out to the DC City Council candidates to offer them an opportunity to make their case on why you should cast your vote for them. We thank the candidates below that took the time to consider the readers of The DC Voice as part of its constituents. Good luck to all of them!


Candidates listed in alphabetical order

Christophe Cole - Candidate
Christopher M. Cole (Ward 8)
Franklin Garcia (At-Large)
Chander Jayaraman
Chander Jayaraman (At-Large)
Jeanné Lewis (At-Large)
Monica Palacio
Mónica Palacio (At-Large)
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