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Black History Month: Celebrating Washingtonians

It’s a beautiful start to a magnificent celebration, Black History Month in the nation’s capitol!

2016-02-01 18.46.59What makes for a magnificent celebration is the fact that Washingtonians are to be celebrated this month for their contributions to their communities and society as a whole.  Washington pioneers like Dr. Charles Drew and the beautiful jazz melodies of Duke Ellington have made a tremendous impact on our society, especially when it matters to the heart and soul.

The DC Voice celebrates Ward 5 Washingtonian Mr. Silas Grant, a proud Washingtonian whose parents migrated from South Carolina to the District of Columbia for better opportunities.  Raised in Ward 5, Mr. Grant knows that DC is the land of opportunity being able to connect and build relationships on your path to success.  Currently serving on the Ward5 Democratic Committee on Resources and Development, his experience has allowed him to see the necessity for organization and structure along with learning that people have many talents and volunteer their time.  When asked if service to your community is important Mr. Grant replied “yes, it is important to me.” However he will not force service upon anyone, moreover if you are lead to serve, one should start close to home and understand that you sacrifice your time, but you will find it rewarding he mentioned.

Mr. Grant’s opportunity to serve on the Ward 5 Dems Committee on Resources and Development has helped him have a better appreciation for larger organizations.  What are the Ward 5 Dems you might ask?  Ward 5 Dems is an extension of DC Democratic State Committee for the Democratic National Party.  Each state has a chapter for the Democratic party, and DC is special because it has branches within each Ward.  Ward 5 Dems is open to any Ward 5 resident registered in the democratic party and can join the meeting if interested, just know it’s a lot of time and sacrifice www.ward5dems.org.  Although Mr. Grant serves on the Committee he wants critics to know that Washington is more than a legislators playground.  “Most people who state they have not been to DC,” says Mr. Grant.  He would much rather the news media say Capitol Hill, “human being’s live here,who work, dream, and try to be successful, this is where political deals happen,” he says.

Some responsibilities require more guidance and Mr. Grant feels this way about allowing voting at the age of 16, however he says “voting is among the biggest responsibility and civic duty” he has not seen anything to lead him to believe teens 16 and 17 are pushing for this to happen.  When asked about his legacy, he says “I don’t want to be selfish” and I want people to understand my efforts to assist those in civic service, and helped developed the skills set in efficient manners.  If Mr. Grant isn’t serving the community, he is providing insightful and useful tools for entrepreneur and people wanting to venture into business with timeless articles on his website www.informationage.co curating experiences along with information to assist in growth and development in business while promoting and empowering those who want to work independent of larger corporate structures.

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