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Black Luxury Brands That Should Be On Your Christmas List This Year

This year, Black voices became prominent in conversations about reparations and progressive change. The importance of the Black dollar is a major point in these conversations. According to Cheryl Grace, the Nielsen Corporation’s Senior Vice President of Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement and co-creator of the Diverse Intelligence Series (DIS) Report, Black people possess a “buying power that’s on par with many countries’ gross domestic products, [and] continue to outpace spending nationally.” The Black community strove to take ownership of the massive influence it has on the economy and its power to bring about a change.

Black Dollar Power

By recognizing its ability to enact change, many Black people leveraged the power of their dollar. In fact, it forced large corporations to create inclusive brand identities and racially/culturally aware work environments. In 2017, the Senior Vice President and Editor-at-large of Black Enterprise wrote, “we withhold our spending from companies that are harmful, disrespectful, or unfair to Black consumers, and intentionally direct our dollars toward companies (including black-owned businesses) that are beneficial to Black communities and value Black consumers.”

Currently, a major initiative is focused on the high-end, luxury fashion industry. The DIS report found that Black people are 22% more likely to find clothes made by fashion designers more appealing. In addition, the study found that Black celebrities influence what fashion brands attract the Black dollar. A great example is when 2017 Bronx rapper Cardi B’s record-breaking single “Bodak Yellow” referenced Christian Louboutin’s famous Red Bottom footwear. Following its release, Cardi B created an estimated $4.5 million in media value for the fashion brand and searches for its shoes spiked by 217%.

Changing Faces of Fashion

Black people create massive amounts of wealth in the fashion industry. Not only through our spending but through our social media, music, and art as well. Black consumership incentivizes luxury brands to appeal to the Black community. Unfortunately, multiple instances of racism and anti-Black sentiments still occur in the luxury fashion industry. These instances sharpened the collective resolve to adding color to the white canvas of luxury fashion.

On a lighter note, the faces of today’s fashion are more multicultural. Black luxury brands such as Kanye West’s Yeezy line, Rihanna’s Fenty line, and Virgil Abloh’s Off White line broke the glass ceiling. Brands like these, although affiliated with white-owned fashion houses, set a precedent for more non-white faces on runways, in creative direction, and in executive positions.

Black Designers’ Luxury Brands 

Today, a multitude of Black designers found their niche in the luxury fashion world. Unfortunately, the predominantly white environment overshadows many of these names. As a result, many Black people do not know about them. Therefore, in an effort to turn the tides, I have comprised a list of Black luxury designers who you can shop from this holiday season. Specifically, these brands have quality items with a mission to aid and support the Black community. At any rate, buying Black in the fashion industry should happen on all levels. The first step is just knowing where to shop. From streetwear to professional clothing, and accessories in between, the brands below have something you and all your loved ones can enjoy!


Pyer Moss | Designer: Kerby Jean-Raymond

BRANDON BLACKWOOD New York | Designer: Brandon Blackwood

Tori Soudan Collection | Designer: Tori Soudan

Ozwald Boateng | Designer: Ozwald Boateng

Christie Brown | Designer: Aisha Obuobi

Brother Vellies | Designer: Aurora James

LaQuan Smith LLC | Designer: LaQuan Smith



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