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Self Esteem Makeover

Bathe your body with bath salts of self-reflection.

Wash your hair of unnecessary excess.

Trim the split ends of indecisiveness so confidence
can grow evenly and strong.

Use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate the callouses of
comparisons, and of fear and doubt.

Use the toner of total honesty to cleanse
and brighten the skin you’re in.

Tweeze away the stray hairs of self-sabotage.

Wax off the unwanted second-guessing.

Moisturize with nourishing acknowledgment
and acceptance in knowledge of who you are.

Then, adorn yourself with the fragrance of fortitude
and garments of grace and gratitude.

Accessorize with awareness, ambition, and assuredness.

Then check yourself in a full-length mirror
and behold what is reflected:

The resplendent, resilient, and resolute you,
remade and ready!

Berena Hughes

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