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Tulsa Star Headline of June 1, 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

The Day Black Wall Street Died – The Tulsa Massacre – The Story of America Part 2

The Black Dispatch, June 10, 1921 

“Dr. Arthur Jackson, ex-president of the State Medical Association, was shot down by a white boy about sixteen or seventeen years old, according to eyewitnesses. He was rushing up from his basement of his home, which was in flames, with his hands in the air. Two loads from a shotgun was his return for appearance on the street. He was not killed instantaneously. His body was thrown in a truck and was dumped at the Convention hall, where after hours of suffering without medical attention he died from loss of blood.”

“We reached Tulsa about two o’clock. Airplanes were circling all over Greenwood….The heavens were lighten up as plain as day from the many fires over the Negro section.” – W. L. Brown

These are just two of the graphic details of the horrific events that took place in the Greenwood section of Tulsa, Oklahoma starting the night of May 31st and continuing into June 1, 1921. Read the events as they were written 100 years ago from The Black Dispatch, The Tulsa World, and the Chickasha Daily Express.

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Read the stories as they were printed in 1921

75 Dead In Race War Chickasha Express June 1, 1921

Many More Whites Are Shot Tulsa World June 1, 1921

New Battle Now In Progress Tulsa-World-June 1, 1921

State Troops In Charge Tulsa World June 1, 1921

Two Whites Dead In Race Riot Tulsa World June 1, 1921

Dead Estimated At 100 City Is Quiet Tulsa World June 2, 1921

$2,500,000 Of Negro Property Is Destroyed Black Dispatch June 3, 1921

Grand Jury To Probe Rioting Called Tulsa World June 3, 1921

War Vets Relieve Soldiers As Guards Tulsa World June 4, 1921

Loot Arson Murder BlackDispatch June 10, 1921

Many Thousands Leave Tulsa The Black-Dispatch June 17, 1921

To Rebuild Greenwood  The Black Dispatch June 24, 1921


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