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Week 16 Winners and Losers

There’s only one more week of regular season football and the drama couldn’t be higher. But before we get ahead of ourselves and jump into week 17 we can’t forget about week 16. For those football fanatics, we were treated to four nights of football. Hopefully, your loved ones weren’t too neglected this weekend as even Friday wasn’t free of football. As always there’s winners and losers so let’s jump into it.

Winner #1 Week 17 Chaos

Thanks to the results of week 16 we’re set up for a fantastic last week of the season. Of the 14 playoff spots available this season only half of them are locked up heading into the final week. There’s still two division titles up for grabs as well as the number one seed in the NFC. The 16 games are being played next week and only 3 of them don’t matter. It’s the dream scenario for the NFL as the whole day will be filled with drama. 11 teams will be fighting for those last 7 spots and scoreboard watching will be at its peak. If you’re wondering why should you like football, this upcoming week will be a strong case.

Loser #1 Los Angeles Rams

Two weeks ago the Rams had a 99% chance at making the playoffs. Yet here we are heading into week 17 with this team still needing to win to clinch a playoff spot. Granted Arizona losing didn’t allow them to clinch on Saturday, but winning against a flawed Seattle team would’ve gotten the job done. For the second straight week, the Rams fell flat, especially on offense. While most teams are trending up, the Rams are headed in the opposite direction. They still are odds on favorites to make the playoffs, but it’s not a guarantee either.

Winner #2 Jacksonville Jaguars

There might be something fundamentally wrong with our sports system when we are setting up a team that lost as winners. That being said the Jaguars clinched the number one overall pick thanks to their loss to the Bears and the Jets winning. This will allow them to select potential franchise changer QB, Trevor Lawrence. This is a huge deal for a franchise that has been looking for an NFL icon for decades.

Loser #2 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were up 21-7 at halftime to a struggling Pittsburgh Steelers team. They then proceeded to be outscored 21-3 in the second half. It’s a terrible loss considering a win would’ve put them in the driver’s seat of their destiny. Now because of the loss, they need help to not only win their division but to also make the playoffs. It’s the type of hiccup that happens in the middle of the season but absolutely can’t happen so close to the end. The silver lining is that the Colts get to play a Jacksonville team that’s already looking forward to vacation.

Winner #3 Seattle Seahawks

It wasn’t pretty and they aren’t as good as they were a few years ago, but regardless of that, this team is NFC West champions. Not only are they NFC West champions, but they have outside shot at the number one seed. The defense has improved from their dismal showings earlier this season. The offense still seems to be in a rut, but if they can get that going lookout. As for now, this team will be in the playoffs and that’s all that matters.

Loser #3 Cleveland Browns

I understand that this is the second week in a row that the Jets have beaten a potential playoff team. I also understand that the Browns lost most of their receivers due to COVID. But what I can’t understand for the life of me is why the Browns decided to throw the ball 53 times. The Browns have arguably the best one-two punch at the RB position and for most of the game, they were ignored. The game plan more than anything cost the Browns and now they have to sweat out a nervy week 17. The Browns might catch a break next week playing against the Steelers who might rest their starters. But if the Browns don’t make the playoffs they can look to this game as the reason why.

Justin Walker

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